Trifextra: Decision

In-house warriors


Civil war rages
My in-house warriors clash fiercely
Fighting each other for victory
Tearing me slowly apart

I am trapped
Sandwiched in between obligation and desire

The battle is long
But obligation wins.


I wasn’t planning on doing the weekend version of the Trifecta Writing Challenge, but I woke up with an idea, so here I am again.

The rules for this weekend’s challenge are as follows:

  • Your response must be exactly 33 words.
  • 2 of those words must be: “cheap flights,” “sandwiched in” or “spectacularly clean.”
  • Your piece must be non-fiction (poetry or prose).


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8 thoughts on “Trifextra: Decision

    1. I hadn’t thought of that, but it definitely works! My sister and I fought more of a cold war than a civil war…

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