Trifextra: Tempest in a Teapot

clay teapot isolated

Tempest in a Teapot

The kettle screams and I know my time is almost up. Not even the soothing caress of cool ceramic assuages my anxiety.

A rage of boiling water crashes over me. Alone, I steep.


This is my submission for this weekend’s Trifecta writing challenge, which just happens to merge two of my favourite things: creative writing and literary devices! Here’s the challenge:

This weekend, we’re sending you back to English 101 to revisit the concept of literary devices. We want you to give us a 33-word example of personification. Wait. What? You forget what that is? It’s the practice of attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, phenomena and animals ( It’s when the wind howls, the car door grunts, and the front porch shrugs its shoulders under the weight of its own history.


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44 thoughts on “Trifextra: Tempest in a Teapot

  1. I grew up in a home on Cape Breton Island where my family chain-drank piping hot tea, the way many nicotine fanatics chain-smoke cigarettes. If you cut me, I bleed tea. The length of the boil, the hotness of the water and the length of the steep……a trifecta of elements that are all necessary for a perfect cup of tea. :). Off to pour a little hot, if ya know what I mean?

    1. “If you cut me, I bleed tea” – yep, me too! My parents are both from England originally, so I never stood a chance. Thanks for a great comment Tom!

  2. “A rage of boiling water crashes over me.”-everyone is out to get her-poor girl!Run teabag,run-into the cup;-)lol!What a lovely piece using something we do everyday-make tea-fabulous use of the device too,Suzanne:-)

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