Trifextra: Chains

Jeux de Mirroir


Eyes closed, he walks through the mist of childhood. Remembers laughter, sunshine and open-ended freedom.

Restrained now, by wires and tubes and human frailty. He closes his eyes again, waiting to be liberated.


This is my submission for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. The challenge was to write exactly 33 words inspired by the above photograph.


Image credit: Bérenger ZYLA / / CC BY-NC-ND

48 thoughts on “Trifextra: Chains

  1. This is so touching. I really liked the idea of the old man looking back and walking through the mist of childhood.

  2. Such an intriguing image. Your words are challenging because I cannot imagine him being able to escape the chains. Ill health – at an advanced age – is so often a veritable death sentence. Hey, don’t think I don’t like your piece. It’s great. Very evocative. You have just captured a mood so well. For someone my age, very daunting!

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