Trifextra: Supernatural

Full Moon


A blood-red moon hangs in the sky, the harbinger of my destiny.

I feel the change begin, tearing my well-mannered self apart piece by piece.

But then. I am reassembled. Feral, primordial, free.


This is my submission for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. We had to write exactly
33 words that included at least one hyphenated compound modifier.

I thought I would round out my unintentional week of the canid (see here and here) with something a little otherworldly. Who knows what species next week will bring!


Image credit: Anastasiya Igolkina /

54 thoughts on “Trifextra: Supernatural

  1. You are on another bloody page, woman! Even my high-falutin’ command of the language leaves me in your wake. Must be that damned French connection you Canadians have. But I do like the promise inherent in a blood-red moon! Have a ripper day!

      1. Thank you, kind Ma’am! Ah, the laughter is shared, mate. That’s what makes it so good. But I kid you not: your literacy skills are superlative. (Now, should that have been a semi-colon or a full colon? Damn – won’t get to sleep tonight for worrying about that.)

        1. Fear not — with that sentence you could use either a colon or a semicolon. So if you’re still up, you can relax and go to sleep now. 😉
          Thanks again David!

  2. I need to find me a blood-red moon! Had a great dream with just such a moon over 20 years ago, it still haunts me. LOVE the reassembling process in your piece!!

    1. Thank you so much Ted! 🙂 A blood-red moon occurs when there’s a total lunar eclipse, which can only happen with a full moon. (People used to think they signified the end of the world or the second coming.)

  3. Ooo, your “well-mannered” strikes a much better contrast than mine! 🙂 I wanted to portray a similar feeling, mentally/emotionally, but didn’t quite get there. This is flawless, in my opinion.

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