Trifextra: Infatuation



She walks toward him, petrified. Puts one foot before the other like a mantra.

Left. Right.

Abdominal butterflies flutter.

He meets her gaze. Her heart thumps, catching in her throat as he smiles.


This is my submission for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. We had to write exactly
33 words, including at least one example of onomatopoeia. (To refresh your memory about onomatopoeia, check out my post on Literary Devices.)


Image credit: Google Images

37 thoughts on “Trifextra: Infatuation

  1. This is so beautiful. (My butterflies were always too active, making me fear I would lose my lunch on the boy’s shoes…your depiction is much better!)

  2. Suzanne, this brings back such wonderful memories! I just love the way you wrote this, and I’m sorry I’m so late with my comment, too! 🙂

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