Trifextra: Three Little Words

Three Little Words

She shifts. Almost imperceptibly.

But he is tuned to each breath, each beat of her heart, each dewdrop of sweat on her skin. And he knows, in that shift, he has lost her.


This is my submission for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge in which we had to write exactly 33 words inspired by the above image.


Image credit: mohammadali / / CC BY-NC-SA

72 thoughts on “Trifextra: Three Little Words

  1. Man, not to sound like a fan girl or anything, but I just love the way that you write. That moment, when a slight shift towards brightens a future and a slight shift away crushes it, you nailed it beautifully.

  2. Poor dude…
    Might as well get this over with – I thought the tree in the background, of your profile picture, was your hair… **feel better now**

  3. I felt the shift with your words, that’s how incredible it was from beginning to end. You said a world (a wonderful irony considering the picture) with such few words.


  4. This is simply beautiful. And there’s something about that first segment that just seems so powerful; I think it’s the fact that you’ve separated the statement into two punchy, individual sentences.

    A well-deserved winner. 🙂

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