Fair Trade

Berlin, Säuglingsschwester mit Babys

“You did it!” Brigid exhaled as she stared at the three infants, then looked at Finn. “Any trouble?”

Finn shook her head, “No, the exchange went seamlessly.”

Brigid picked up one of the tiny humans, examining his little nose and his blue eyes. The resemblance was truly uncanny, but he smelled wrong. She wrinkled her nose and placed him back in the basket.

“Take them to the nursery and have Morag look at them. I’ll call the others.”

As Brigid went to ring the bell, she prayed the humans wouldn’t notice the differing scent of her own changeling son.


This is my submission for Flash! Friday #36. The challenge was to write exactly 99 words based on the photo prompt (which appears above).


Image Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-13429 / CC-BY-SA.


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