Speakeasy: Eternity



Thunder crashes overhead
As I place each foot against my will
And lightning guides me on my way
To the haunted house upon the hill

Its darkness spins such twisted tales
Of tragedies throughout the years
In every corner, nook, and cranny
Lurks fodder for all sorts of fears

But still I walk toward the door
My heart beat thumping in my head
Despite the weapon in my hand
I fear that I will soon be dead

The door swings open, beckoning
I cross the threshold, knife in hand
The darkness here is palpable
I reconsider what I’ve planned

Then right before me, she appears
More beautiful than words can say
She drifts toward me, arms outstretched
While her depthless eyes hold me sway

Within the dark, a shadow moves
Her brother, from his slumber stirs
His face is gaunt, his eyes are bruised
His cold heart is the same as hers

My dead love waits while I decide
To leave this world without a fight
The knife clatters to the ground
and a scream pierces the night.


This is my submission for this week’s Speakeasy #132. You should come and read all the other fantastically creepy submissions, then come back and vote for your three favourites on Thursday (that’s tomorrow!).

This week, we had to use the following sentence as our last line: The knife clatters to the ground and a scream pierces the nightAnd we had to make a reference to this video.


Image credit: ValentinaKallias / DeviantART



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