Trifextra: Tryst

Silk sheets


Sensuous silk slides against supple skin, whispering of things to come.

Luminous like liquid moonlight, she slides her hand inside.

Heart hammering, he holds tightly to her heat, guided by her graceful hands.

Breathing becomes brutal. A labour of lust and love.

Climbing, clutching, coiled together. She pulls him to the peak.

Released, writhing, onto mountains of molten fire.

Sliding slowly back to the soft embrace of silk.



Things are a little spicy over at this weekend’s Trifextra! Today is National Erotica Day, so we were given a special challenge: to write 33–333 words of erotic writing. It’s not something I usually write, but the above is my attempt.

And if you’re looking for more writing challenges, be sure to check out the Speakeasy. New prompts go up every Sunday and we’d love to see you there!


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50 thoughts on “Trifextra: Tryst

  1. Love how delicate this feels…splendid.
    Also..thank you for the speakeasy reminder….I wanted to do this weeks. 🙂

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