The first time I saw you it was dark.

But there was a fire in your eyes.

Death moves us all.

Some fall down. Some rise up.

As for you?

You lit up that sky with your grief.


This is my submission for this week’s Trifecta writing challenge (the 100th Trifextra!). We had to write 33 single-syllable words in response to the first five words that they provided: The first time I saw…


Image credit: Terrageneric /


32 thoughts on “Pyrotechnics

  1. I felt this one more than I would have a few months ago.
    that last line was perfect and poetic in every way. It lit up all 38 words.

    I sit in awe of your words, just you sit in awe of those light shows.

      1. well, now, it means even more to me.
        I hope that my love and grief and LIVING lights up the sky as much as your words do.

        wishing you a really lovely week.

  2. That Kir may have played a part in inspiring this piece serves to make it all the more beautiful and important. When a friend is in need, you don’t just reach out with a kind word, you reach out with pure poetry. 🙂

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