Andy MacDonald’s Deal with the Devil

Demon Lord

Andy MacDonald’s Deal with the Devil

Andy MacDonald didn’t do small-scale anything. His first car was a monster truck. His first house was a sprawling mansion. The man super-sized everything and then went back for more. His first wedding was lavish; his subsequent weddings were extravagant and ostentatious. The matching divorces were loud and protracted affairs that usually ended in court after all the sordid details had been thoroughly dragged through the papers.

So when Andy MacDonald decided to play a prank to scare his current ex-wife and her lover—who also happened to be her divorce lawyer—you better believe it was going to be big. He hired actors, rented out an old warehouse, and invested in the best special effects team in town. But as he watched them rehearse, Andy still felt like something was missing. After ranting at the crew for half an hour, Andy stormed out of the warehouse and went for a walk to cool his head. You might suspect that Andy spent a lot of time walking. You’d be right.

Out on this particular walk, Andy came across an old bookstore, tucked down a side street near the waterfront. The weather-worn sign out front read Rare Books and Other Curiosities. Andy grinned. This place would have what he was looking for. He opened the door and stepped inside.

Books lined the walls from floor to ceiling, interspersed here and there with strange knickknacks, like the collection of bird skulls in the front window or the amber-coloured bottles filled with odd shapes that sat on the counter. Andy’s grin got bigger. This place was perfect.

“Can I help you?” An ancient-looking man poked his head out from behind a stack of books.

“Yes,” said Andy. He gestured at the bird skulls and the bottles. “I’d like to purchase these. And any other odd, occult-like stuff you having lying around.”

The old man dipped his head. “Of course, sir.”

Twenty minutes later, Andy and the old man had amassed quite a collection of curiosities. Andy was impressed with how much stuff the old man had managed to jam into his tiny shop. He waited by the counter as the old man shuffled around in the back room. He’d said he had one more thing Andy might want.

The old man emerged, clutching a large, dusty, leather-bound book. He brushed the dust off with the handkerchief he kept in his pocket, then handed it to Andy. The cover was inscribed with a bunch of weird symbols. Andy had to open it to see the title.

“The Book of Lost Spells and Dark Magicks.” Andy laughed. The book was the perfect finishing touch. The archaic language of its spells would definitely add that missing piece he’d been looking for. “Yes, I’ll take this too,” he said, plunking the book on the counter beside all his other loot.

Although he had to send a car to collect the rest of his purchases, Andy decided to take the book with him. He grabbed a double espresso and found a bench on the boardwalk, where he could flip through the book while keeping an eye out for the next Mrs. Andy MacDonald frolicking in the waves.

Three nights later, the prank was ready for execution. Andy invited his new lady friend to watch from the control room while he donned his costume of silky black robes. He made a mental note to consider silk for the suit at his next wedding, planted a kiss on his future wife’s cheek, and went to take his place on the set.

He’d asked his ex and her boyfriend to meet him here, claiming he was ready to settle. He said he was thinking of converting the warehouse into an exclusive spa and was meeting with the architect, but they could come at 8:00 p.m. and just let themselves in. The cameras caught their car pull up at 7:58 p.m. Andy’s heart pounded with anticipation. This was going to be the best prank he’d ever pulled. Even better than the time he’d kidnapped his rival team’s mascot in his first year at college. That poor guy never knew what hit him. Andy chuckled to himself and pulled up his black silk hood.

When his ex and her boyfriend walked in, the pretend ritual was already underway.

“Andy?” His ex sounded scared and uncertain. Perfect.

“Seize them!” Andy commanded. On cue, four of his cloaked actors grabbed the former Mrs. Andy MacDonald and her lawyer, dragging them to the perfect vantage point, where they were tied to a metal support beam.

“You’re just in time,” Andy said. “I am about to raise hell.” He shot his ex a look. “That’ll teach you to run off with your lawyer.”

“But you cheated on me,” his ex sputtered incredulously.

“Silence!” Andy turned and waved his hands at his crew. They began to chant. Andy opened his favourite prop to the page he had marked and started to read.

“Darkest lord of darkest night, uncloak yourself before my sight.
A sacrifice of virgin tears now brings to life our darkest fears.
Feathers from the purest dove that you might join us up above.
I offer now my soul to keep in exchange for all you reap.
Darkest lord of darkest night, uncloak yourself before my sight.”

Right on cue, smoke and green flames erupted from the circle marked in the center of the room. Even Andy was impressed. Then a tall, dark figure stepped from the circle. The horns looked fantastic and the cloven hoofs in place of feet were a great touch.

The demon looked at Andy. “I have come as you commanded, human. What would you have me do?”

It was all going so well. Andy glanced over at his ex. He couldn’t decide if she looked frightened or awestruck. Maybe it was a bit of both. He wondered what the next Mrs. Andy MacDonald was thinking up in the control room. Now it was time for the climax. Andy faced his demon and opened his mouth just as the room went completely black.

When the lights flashed back on, a larger, more sinister shape stood behind Andy’s demon. It also had horns and cloven feet. And what looked like wings folded behind its back. As Andy watched in horror, the unexpected demon decapitated Andy’s demon in one effortless motion. Andy’s jaw hung open and his crew started to scream and run around in panic. This was definitely not part of the plan.

Andy looked down at the book, then back up at the demon. It had never occurred to him the book might be real.

“Puny human!” The demon’s voice thundered. “Why have you disturbed my slumber?” The demon looked at the altar, where the sacrificial items lay. It knocked them to the ground. “What sort of game do you play? Those are not virgin tears and these—” The demon pointed to the feathers now floating the air. “Are obviously from a pillow.”

“Shit,” said Andy MacDonald as the demon took a step toward him. Andy turned to run, but got caught in his silk robes and tripped. It was spectacular. Even Andy would have been impressed if he’d seen himself fall. He went head first into a metal support post, knocking himself unconscious.

When he woke up several hours later, the warehouse was empty. Sitting on top of his book of rituals were his divorce papers and a note from his ex.

Better sign these or I’ll have to unleash my demon, it said.

Andy never knew if the demon he saw that night was real, but he decided to take a break from married life then and there. Just in case.


This is my response to this week’s Prompted challenge over at Tipsy Lit. We had to write about a joke gone wrong in under 1500 words.



Image credit: chevsydeviantART

27 thoughts on “Andy MacDonald’s Deal with the Devil

  1. This was an amazing story, I kind of thought his Ex would have the last laugh. His plan was too perfect, he didn’t realize who he was dealing with.The ending was awesome it taught Andy not to mess with women anymore.
    Thank you Suzanne

  2. I am a sucker for curiosity shops, spells gone awry, and a-holes getting their just desserts, so you can imagine my delight in reading this…

  3. I’m always impressed with the way you can take stories that have been told in 101 ways and still make them interesting and engaging. I thought this was hilarious and really well written.

  4. Of course, strictly speaking, lawyers aren’t supposed to sleep with their clients, unless they have a pre-existing relationship. I learned about that in our Professional Responsibility class last term. Then again, lawyers aren’t supposed to help their clients summon demons either, I don’t think, so….. 🙂

    1. I suspect they may have had a pre-existing relationship. Either way, I’m guessing ethics and professional responsibility aren’t high on either of their lists. 😉

  5. This was such fun to read. I really enjoyed every step of the way, particularly the last message from the ex. Brilliant! Welcome to Prompted!

  6. That was so cool! You’d think by now, people would know not to buy creepy-looking books from old men in old book stores with the word “curios” in the name. I love the all the crew screamed and ran when when the fake demon lost his head. And now I just want to know, did the ex figure out how to take control of the demon, or did she have it all along. Either scenario is pretty cool. And now, I doubt he’ll ever prank anyone again. This was an awesome enjoyable read with your characteristic silk-smooth writing style. Loved it.

    1. Aw, thanks so much Eric! I’m really glad you liked it. I think Andy’s ex knew exactly what he was up to and she beat him at his own game. Exactly how she did that is between her and her demon. 😉

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