I shovel love
Like a fireman shoveling coal
On a runaway train

Back breaking
Heart aching

I work until my tender is empty
But I cannot satisfy the bottomless pit
Screaming inside you.


This is my submission for this week’s Trifecta challenge, which, unfortunately, is one of their last. The challenge this week was to write exactly 33 words, including the word satisfy (and using its third definition). Trifecta will be shutting down at the end of this month. I’m going to miss these 33-word challenges. Not only did they help me hone my skills as a writer, but they brought me in contact with a truly amazing community, for which I will always be grateful!

If you’re interested, I published a collection of my Trifecta challenge responses from last year in my book Fifty-two x 33: A Year in 33 Words, which is available on Lulu.com.


Image credit:  Wikimedia Commons


39 thoughts on “Ravenous

  1. I love the imagery and the way you evoke emotion through 33 powerful words. It is indeed heart aching, back breaking work to shovel love into a bottomless pit!!

  2. There is no amount of tears that can put out that kind of selfish fire is there?
    Shoveling love hurts too much.

    just beautiful my friend. wow.

  3. I know people like this, who can never have enough attention even while it’s being shoveled down their gullet.
    I love that you published a book of your posts! Don’t forget to send us an email with the link and we’ll add it to the final post.

    1. I’m sorry you know people like this. They can be so draining, can’t they?

      And, yes ma’am! I will send you an email with the link to my book. I am so grateful that I got to participate in Trifecta – I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me and my writing. 🙂

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