Yours Truly: In a Nutshell

Canola flowers

I was born on a cold winter morning in a small town in Eastern Ontario. I’d like to tell you that I came out reading a book, but I’d be lying. What I can tell you is that I was born into a family of readers and we lived in a house with no television, but an abundance of books.

I can’t remember learning how to read. Family lore has it that I insisted on being taught when I was three years old. I still have the first book I learned to read. It’s called The Yellow Flowers and it was written by Fiona Saint. Apparently, I wanted someone to read the book to me all day every day, which was tricky given that I was number three in a family with four young children. So I figured out how to read it to myself, unlocking a lifetime love affair with the English language.

By the age of five, I was writing. My very first story involved a fun-loving bunch of dinosaurs who accidentally made themselves extinct when they held a jumping contest. The trampoline malfunctioned and launched all the dinosaurs into outer space. The unfortunate bunch landed on Pluto, where they remain, frozen in place, to this day.

I’ve been writing fiction and poetry ever since. In Grade 3, I read a short story to my class instead of doing a speech. In Grade 5, I wrote a 50-page novella. In Grade 6, I wrote a story that was published in the local paper. And, at the age of 18, I wrote my first novel.

I write because I’m compelled to. Sometimes characters come to me, nestle into my brain, and grow into complex creatures demanding to have their story told. On other occasions, a feeling or an image hammers at my heart and I am driven to try and capture it with words. I’ve been known to agonize over the right word choice for hours; my tea-stained thesaurus is never out of reach!

In 2012, I began to share my writing on this blog. It was terrifying, but it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Through blogging, my writing has improved—and continues to improve every day. But, even more importantly, through blogging I have found some fantastic writing communities, filled with people who inspire me, support me, and keep my writing fires burning brightly.


This is something a little different for the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge. They wanted us to tell you our origin story—why we write, how we fell in love with books, what our aspirations are. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me!

P.S. Fittingly, this is my 200th post!


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15 thoughts on “Yours Truly: In a Nutshell

  1. I loved reading your story about what age you started to read. I’m sure about one thing,writing at the tender age of five makes you a prodigy. Congrats Suzanne.

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