On churning seas
I fight
For one more chance to breathe

Into darkened maws
I rage
At the injustice of it all

On distant shorelines
I succumb
Because it’s time.


This is my submission for the very last Trifecta challenge. The challenge this week was to write exactly 33 words on whatever we wanted. Many, many thank yous to the fabulous Trifecta editors, as well as the wonderful people who have made it such an awesome community over the years!

If you’re looking for somewhere to go, please come join us at yeah write!


Image credit: Natline @ deviantART


33 thoughts on “Unsheltered

  1. That last para cut deep-so true!Your writing has always wowed me Suzanne and this is no exception-so glad that we met at Trifecta and that now I can call you my friend-thanks for all your love ,tc and see you soon xx

  2. This is so raw and brutal, Suzanne. The last stanza is what I hope and hope and hope won’t happen, succumbing on a distant shore.
    Trifecta bud. See you elsewhere : )

    1. Sometimes you have to succumb to make space for what comes next. I like to think of it as the beginning of a transformation. 🙂

      Yes, absolutely. You won’t be shaking me anytime soon! 😉

  3. I succumb because it’s time. Brilliant, clear, powerful. Excellent as always, Suzanne. Grateful for the chance to read your words here. I will check out yeahwrite and maybe see you there!

  4. That last paragraph felt so full of pain, but I like your comment that sometimes succumbing makes may for a new beginning. Feels much more hopeful to me 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your Trifecta writings, but am happy that I am still treated to your words on Speakeasy!

    1. Thanks Janna! Yeah, I think some of the toughest moments in our lives can lead to transformations that would never have happened otherwise. Of course, I’m also an eternal optimist, so I can’t help looking for the good side of things. 🙂

      I’m so happy to have you at the speakeasy – and always look forward to reading your posts!

  5. you never ever disappoint me and I’m so glad that I get to read your words. Beyond Trifecta and beyond this screen, you are a writer I admire and respect.

  6. That was beautiful. I don’t write poetry much myself, and I am amazed at the many wonderful poems and stories I’ve gotten to read with Trifecta. Sad that challenge is ending, but, as they say in Star Wars, when the Force closes a hatch, somewhere it opens a viewport.

    1. Funny, I don’t remember that line from the movies…

      Thank you for your lovely comment! I agree with you – Trifecta opened up a wonderful world of fellow writers and poets. 🙂

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