Fighting Words


Fighting Words

There was a time we were restrained.
Cold shoulders. Pregnant silences.
And civilized combat

Funny what the years wear away.
My patience. Your inside voice.

Now look at the unfettered remains.
Hot heads. Guerrilla tactics.
And a tinderbox full of wounded egos.

Linking up with the summer series supergrid over at yeah write.

My piece is a 42-word gargleblaster, inspired by this week’s optional question prompt.

Image credit:  Grinch7 deviantART

38 thoughts on “Fighting Words

    1. No sir. Unless knock-down drag-out fight are a good thing…

      Thanks for commenting on the contrast. I had to keep tweaking to get it the way I wanted it. 🙂

  1. Seems like a brief history of warfare… Then again, if I’ve learned anything from reading Gargleblasters, it’s that my interpretations are often wrong, or, at least, very different from the original idea.
    Whatever the case, congrats on the great writing!

  2. I think others have already complimented you on the flipsides you have so expertly created. May I add that I’m also a fan of the word symmetry that you present in the first and last verse. I feel this creates a vibe of “everything changes but yet nothing does” about the daily routine. Hope that makes sense?

  3. Stunning poem. I love the photo you picked to go with it! Though I have to disagree. I hate cold shoulders! I would rather a full-on heated fight than that! Actually, I prefer no fighting at all but you know what I mean! Anyway, I have to share this on Twitter and FB because I love it soooo much.

  4. I think you nail it every time, Suzanne. The way relationship patterns can change is interesting, and often sad. I’ve also noticed cold shoulders and silences at the tail end- accompanying those remaining wounded egos. I’ll be reading this again and again and again! Melanie is right- it’s stunning.

  5. “Funny what the years wear away. My patience. Your inside voice.” These are is very powerful lines that bridge the quiet beginning and the loud ending! Great gargleblaster! TiV

  6. What the years do wear away! I loved the movement from past to present. And you let us infer the future. Excellent work, as usual!

  7. Suzanne, I love the layout and punctuation in this and the rhythm they. This works beautifully with your words to focus the reader’s attention on each thought. I think I’ve read this 4 times now. Lovely lovely.

  8. As always, so gorgeously written. My favorite line: “My patience. Your inside voice.” The progression from civilized arguments (even if a little passive/aggressive, “cold shoulders…pregnant silences”) to unabashed battles is relevant not just on a personal level but also a societal one. I love your writing.

    1. Thanks Marcy! Yeah, fighting is pretty awful whatever form it comes in. I know it’s necessary sometimes, but I’m always so relieved when it’s over. 🙂

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