Emily paused to catch her breath. A backwards glance revealed only trees and shadows. She lowered the hood of her cloak; felt the cool breeze on her face. Maybe she’d lost him?

A howl echoed through the trees. Emily inhaled sharply.



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Image credit:  Nelleke @ deviantART

53 thoughts on “Red

  1. Beautifully terrifying! You so deftly put us in the forest with one line, in the fairy tale with the next. Great writing.

  2. Oh yes…love this take on the prompt!
    You know my fascination for words…Red is another one on the list. It’s simple, beautiful and dangerous all at once and you’ve captured its essence in just 42 words. LOVE!

  3. This is absolutely fabulous!! Love the subtlety and suggestion you use (the title, cloak, howl). At first, I thought it was a runner in the fall woods, maybe being chased, but the last line so perfectly made it all clear.

  4. I hope Emily’s cape is the sort that wicks away moisture. I also hope she wearing the right shoes for all of this running. First she had to run away from the wolf and now she has to save her Grandmother!

    1. 😀
      Moisture-wicking cloaks… I think you may be on to something. Not sure about Emily’s shoes, but I’m guessing she’s into minimalist running shoes, so she can tread more quietly.

  5. Ooooh. This makes me feel panicky! The trees and shadows got me first…way to set a scene. Nothing good every comes out of wearing a hood. Just sayin’.

  6. I really love this one, Suzanne. Love the slanted angle, the words you toss in. Love that her name is Emily! Rocking it!

  7. First I thought venusian has lost martian but in the end scene changed and a young venusian screamed for another beloved venusian.

    Good writing…

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