Lament (poem)



If I could trek in your shoes
Across space and time
And into the hearts
of outcasts

I would light a fanatic’s fire in them
Like the one you lit in me

If I could reach the stars
A million years from here
And trace the contours
of the universe

I would search for you in stardust
And in the faces of other outcasts
Like me.

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I couldn’t let Leonard Nimoy’s death go unmarked. Spock has, and always will be, my hero.


Image credit: sumopiggy @ deviantART

16 thoughts on “Lament (poem)

  1. Eloquent, with just enough fanatic fire, I think, to be appropriate and, thus, palatable to Spock. I like how you’ve framed it, Suzanne, as an “outcast”(‘s) dirge. It is clear Mr. Nimoy spoke to a lot of us; if only to know that we weren’t alone–in the universe, on Earth, or otherwise–was precious. Bravo; awesome poem!

  2. *Sniff* That’s a terrific tribute to a great man, and a character that will never die. He touched a lot of outcasts and showed them a way to fit in. Fantastic job, Suzanne. I really enjoyed this.

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