The Perils of Magic

glass slipper on the ground
“Wait!” The prince ran after her, waving her shoe.

Cindy ran faster, cursing herself for staying too late at the ball.

Bells rang out.


The prince tripped over a mutant pumpkin, still clutching her shoe.

Finally joining the fun at the Shapeshifting 13 micro-fiction challenge over at Grammar Ghoul Press.

Click the badge to see the prompts and read all the other entries.

Image credit: © tongdang 

20 thoughts on “The Perils of Magic

  1. I think I’m familiar with these mutant pumpkins. Aren’t these the ones that balloon to the size of a carriage in the evening, then shrink back at midnight? 😉 Great story, Suzanne! Good to see you joining in again. If you’re back in the competition, I’ve gotta bring my A-game. 😉

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